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Our Story

Zenysis is a global health data partner founded on the premise that technology can revolutionize the way data is accessed and used to drive public health impact.

Our Vision

A world in which people everywhere have equitable access to the affordable, high-quality healthcare they need to reach their full potential in life.

Our Mission

We unleash the power of data to transform health systems and improve lives at scale.

Our Leadership

Our Staff

Our partners

Technology alone will not solve the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Our approach fuses the power of technology with the power of partnerships to catalyze transformational change and deliver broad-based benefits to society.

At the heart of our approach ‌are innovative partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders who are key to driving that change: national governments, community organizations and development funders.

When we partner with Ministries of Health and community organizations, we do so with the goal of supporting their leaders, their priorities and their aspirations. We support them with innovative technology and a diverse team of in-country staff who have deep expertise in software engineering, public health and data use, as well as an innate understanding of our partner’s local context.

We partner with development funders who recognize we will not achieve our shared aspirations with status-quo approaches alone. We aim to transform the effectiveness of their investments and programs, share the knowledge we generate by working together, and build our technology with them in a way that creates global public goods.

Working At Zenysis

At Zenysis, you will work with a wide range of experienced professionals united by a commitment to push the boundaries of what is possible in public health.

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